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Drug shortages is an increasing problem that affects all healthcare workers. Numbers of medicines not available for everyday practice are rising every year. It is known that medicines shortages concern not only pharmacists and doctors but also put their patients at risk. The impact of drug shortages on patients might result in delayed or suboptimal treatment or have even worse consequences. According to EAHP Medicines Shortage survey 2018, it takes a significant amount of time for pharmacists to find a solution or locate an available stock, it is measured that 5-15 hours per week is an average time spent by hospital pharmacists dealing with problems caused by shortages of medicines. Some drugs that are in shortage are emergency medicines that cannot be substituted. In such cases, it is crucial to maintain proper communication between other hospitals, regions and countries. It is now clear that the vast majority of drug shortages are national or even regional. That means that medicine that is in shortage in one country might be available in another. In addition, many official drug shortage reports are announced later and do not correspond to the real situation on the market. We believe that sharing information between different countries is a key to successful management of drug shortage situations. Therefore we highly encourage healthcare workers to report shortages that they are facing in order to create a network of knowledge that will help not only to increase awareness about the problem but may also improve patients‘ health.

Drug Shortages in Europe is a non-profit project created for hospital pharmacists and other healthcare workers. Its mission is to collect, analyse and share information about ongoing drug shortages in Europe. Currently, shortages.eu is focused on the European Economic Area. However, in later stages of the project its scope is planned to be broadened and reports about medicines shortages in other countries might be encouraged.

Submitted information will be shared with Drug Shortages in Europe project team. Anyone making a report of a drug shortage should not include individual names of patients, addresses, or any personal health information which can be connected to a specific individual. This report form is not a mechanism or substitute for seeking medical, legal or other professional advice.

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